We combine a variety of vitamins, minerals and other naturally occurring compounds and deliver them Intravenously, bypassing the gastrointestinal tract, to ensure maximum bioavailability and efficacy.

Our IV Nutritional Therapies target specific concerns: detox, immune boost, anti-aging, hangovers, and skin glow, to mention a few.

The formulation of each solution is based on the client’s specific needs, developed upon thorough physician consultation and recommendation


Frequently Asked Questions

After a thorough consultation, vitals are assessed and client is cannulated by a health professional. Vitamin cocktail is compounded and set up by the health practitioner. Clients are monitored throughout the procedure to ensure there is no pain, swelling or any adverse events. Client is de-cannulated after session is complete. Vitals are reassessed and client is sent home.

Hangover Remedy ¢500

Detox infusion        ¢900

Immune booster.     ¢900

Anti- Aging booster ¢900

Glow boost infusion ¢900

Alpha glow infusion  ¢1200

It averagely lasts about 45 minutes to1hour

This is dependent on the type of infusion taken. Further details on results are discussed during the consultation.

IV nutrition therapy is generally safe and effective. And has minimal to no side effects when carried out by an experienced health professional. Further details on results are discussed during the consultation.


There is no down time required after IV nutritional therapy.

The process of cannulation can be a bit uncomfortable.


We pride ourselves in providing top-notch medical expertise with evidence-based aesthetic therapies. We have experience dealing with clients of all genders, ages and ethnic backgrounds.