Fire & Ice facial

A signature facial that employs the use of bio-needles to improve acne, texture & hyperpigmentation on the face.

Diamond Abrasion facial

A signature facial that employs the use of ice crystal technology to improve acne & hyperpigmentation on the face

Acne clarifying facial

A facial that seeks to soothe an overly inflamed skin, unclog pores, rejuvenate and set the skin on a healing path by using a combination of hydro dermabrasion and LED light therapy.

Alpha Facial

Get hooked on our signature Alpha Facial which is designed to hydrate and firm up the face, neck, and décolleté. It offers an instant glow and promises to leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Dermaplaning Facial

Our minimally invasive facial removes vellus hairs (peach fuzz) from the face. The procedure leaves the face refreshed, smoothened, and brighter.

Contouring Facial

This facial focuses on lymphatic drainage to de-puff the face, soften the skin, and create well-defined contours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Client is assessed and a suitable facial package is recommended and executed.

Alpha Facial 500

Contouring Facial 400

Acne clarifying facial 400

Dermaplaning Facial 300

Fire & Ice facial 600

Diamond Abrasion facial 500

Unless you need to see our medical aesthetician or aesthetic physician, you can normally walk in for facial without paying for consultation.

It averagely lasts about 45 minutes to1hour

This is dependent on the specific facial being done. While some results are immediate others may require multiple sessions with a curated skin care regimen.

Facials have minimal to no side effect unless there is a reaction to facial products used in the procedure.

Facials require no recovery time.


We pride ourselves in providing top-notch medical expertise with evidence-based aesthetic therapies. We have experience dealing with clients of all genders, ages and ethnic backgrounds.